CONCERT 1: “Voices from the Heart”

<strong>Taos Community Auditorium,</strong>
<strong>Thursday, August 17, 2023, 6 p.m.</strong>

<strong>FARRENC</strong> Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano, Op. 45
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Allegro deciso</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Andante</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Scherzo. Vivace</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Finale. Presto</span>
<em>Tara Helen O’Connor, flute • Keith Robinson, cello • Michael Stephen Brown, piano</em>

<strong>AKIHO</strong> Hada Iro
<em>Andy Akiho, steel pan • Ian Rosenbaum, marimba</em>

<strong>MAHLER</strong> Four Rückert-Lieder
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Ich atmet’ einen linden Duft</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Liebst du um Schönheit</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder!</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekomen</span>
<em>Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo-soprano • Michael Stephen Brown, piano</em>


<strong>MENDELSSOHN</strong> Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 49
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Molto allegro ed agitato</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Andante con molto tranquillo</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Scherzo. Leggiero e vivace</span>
<span style=”padding-left: 40px;”>Finale. Allegro assai appassionato</span>
<em>Cathy Meng Robinson, violin • Keith Robinson, cello • Michael Stephen Brown, piano</em>

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