Lifelong Learning

What do you know about the music you love?  Music from Angel Fire provides opportunities for you to learn more about the performances you will hear.  Jonathan Coopersmith, one of world’s most distinguished musicologists, demystifies the music you will hear at the Music from Angel Fire festival through his engaging mixture of probing insights, history, and humor.

Closer Encounters

Presented in conjunction with select festival concerts

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a concert?  You can get up-close and personal with the musicians of Music from Angel Fire.  Get a glimpse of the time they spend rehearsing–learning to play together, to reach agreement on interpretation and tempos, and working to create a concert that transports you into the heart of chamber music.

Chamber Music 101 with Jonathan Coopersmith:

Presented in conjunction with select festival concerts

Start with the basics and learn what is part of the music.  Jonathan Coopersmith presents programs before concerts.  Chamber Music 101 talks are free and all are welcome.