Accessibility Policy

Music from Angel Fire offers rehearsals, performances, receptions, and other activities in physically accessible spaces.  This includes accessible entrances to the Music from Angel Fire Office, rehearsal spaces, performance halls, and other spaces.  Where the main entrance of a facility is not accessible, alternate entrances are marked with directional signage.  All are wheelchair accessible.  Where elevators are present in performance halls, all are marked with braille.  All facilities have accessible restrooms and where present, water fountains are accessible.

Programmatic offerings at Music from Angel Fire are accessible whenever possible.  This includes contact information for those who may need accessible accommodations.  Because Music from Angel Fire does not own performance spaces, you may wish to call 585-377-3233 in advance of a performance to ensure that your accessibility needs are met.

Volunteer guides are trained to provide assistance as requested.  All online materials are accessible, including to visually handicapped who can access the website using their browsers.  The development of Braille and/or large print materials is cost prohibitive, but volunteers are available to read program materials to those who need assistance.  Additionally, a number of concerts begin with interpretive speeches, known as Musical Conversations, that provide material about the music, composers, and musicians that might normally be included in a program. 

 Although some music performances have limited attraction to those who are deaf, one venue, the historic Schuler Theater in Raton, NM, has a balcony that vibrates with the performance of music in the theater and deaf concert-goers can be seen seated at or near the balcony rail.