The Music from Angel Fire Board is a community of devoted individuals from across the southwest who have shared passion for chamber music, education, and great music making in the Land of Enchantment. Music from Angel Fire is made possible by their vision, continued support, generosity, and dedication to the art

Board of Directors

James A. Brown, President
Lillian Aldridge, Vice President
Robyn Atkinson, Treasurer and Secretary
Graceanna Holder
Bill Humbert
Tammy Lepage
Maxine Milam
Susan Peterson

Artistic Advisory Board

Chick Corea
Jennifer Higdon
Mark O’Connor

Board Presidents

Music from Angel Fire is the result of many individuals whose vision and leadership has built and sustained the organization through the years.  This includes:

James Brown, 2019-present
Judy Hass, 2017-2018
Gloria Fishman, 2014-2016
Dennis Edwards, 2012-2013
Judy Lambert 2009-2011
Becky Jones 2004-2008
Bonnie Brashear 1999-2003
Rebecca Carón 1996-1998
Louis B. Jones 1993-1995
Lillian J. Sindel 1991-1993
Shirley Douglas 1989-1990
Lillian J. Sindel 1987-1988,
“Sam” Tietze 1985-1986
Harold Geller 1984

Thank you!

To the dozens and dozens of past members of the board of directors, to volunteers, and to the friends who provided vision, hard work, and support to create Music from Angel Fire, many thanks to each of you.  Along with all the musicians through the years, thank you for playing your part in bringing this treasure to life.